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Solar Gard solar window films

High quality materials, proven performance.

Solar Gard Window Films are thin, multi-layered pieces of optically clear film that are retrofitted to the inside surface of glass to help you save significantly on energy costs, maintain a more comfortable and productive environment, reduce interior fading and improve exterior appearance.

Built to last with many films featuring a limited lifetime warranty, all SolarGard films come in a wide variety of colors and tints to compliment any car or truck exterior. The darker you go, the more privacy you will have (just make sure you adhere to your local Australian tinting laws)

How SolarGard helps save you energy.

Solar Gard window films provide one of the top energy saving solutions available for your building. It can be installed quickly and professionally, allowing you to begin realizing your energy saving goals instantly.

Only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 25% reduction in cooling costs, due to the laws of thermodynamics. It requires considerable amounts of energy to remove heat from a room through air conditioning. During peak summer times in the middle of the day, loads on air conditioning systems can be reduced enough to turn off entire units or to install a less costly system.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, solar window film can increase thermal comfort, reduce glare, while at the same time rejecting 99% of the UV radiation reducing fading and the risk of skin cancer.

Solar Gard® is manufactured in a clean room environment under ISO 9001:2000 standards – available in soft subtle hues of greys and bronze, to striking silvers and stainless steel. In ¼” (3mm) annealed glass, 87% of the energy is transmitted, 5% is absorbed and 8% is reflected.

Solar Gard window film reflects significant solar energy, while absorbing another portion of the energy. The result is that the amount of solar radiation transmitted inside the room is considerably less. Specs will vary depending on the Solar Gard window film selected.

The movement or transfer of heat from a region of higher temperature to one of cooler temperature is called heat transfer. The transfer of heat always flows from hot to cold. No heat will transfer if there is no difference in temperature.

There are three types of heat transfer: Radiation, Conduction, and Convection. For window film, radiation is the most important method of heat transfer because it moves infrared waves. This is why we refer to solar energy as solar radiation.

Solar energy through a window is transferred or transmitted by infrared waves. Radiant energy is converted to heat when it strikes people or objects. If you block the transfer of this energy you keep it from turning into heat because it never strikes an object. Window film interrupts the transfer of this energy by reflecting the energy back.

Transmission is basically the percentage of Solar energy (UV + Visible Light + Near Infrared) that can passes through a window. Reflection is the ratio of solar energy reflected back to the source, expressed as a percentage. Absorption is the percentage of solar energy absorbed to that of the total solar energy.

With solar window film installed on the inside of a window, the proportions are changed dramatically, with reflected energy and absorption increasing. This corresponds to a reduction in solar heat transmitted inside the room or the automobile. The properties of the window film dramatically influence how and in what way transmission, reflection and absorption change.

SolarGard products we use include:

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