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Protect the investment in your car by protecting the paint finish from the damaging affects of the sun, rain, dirt, road grime, and overall wear and tear.

At Cooltint we use SolarGard Automotive Film for its Quality, Reliability, Performance and Durability. SolarGard ClearShield

Frequently Asked Questions about paint protection.

Q. Will Clearshield really stop rocks from chipping the front of my car?
A. Yes. The material that it is made from was originally designed to protect the leading edges of aircraft
propellers and rotor blades from rock chips. It is a much easier task to protect your vehicles paint than
it is to protect an aircraft propeller moving at nearly the speed of sound.

Q. Can I see a line where Clearshield stops?

A. A line is slightly visible where the film stops, but the three alternatives to that line are a bug shield, a car bra or rock chips, all of which will be more visible than the paint protection film.

Q. How hard is it to see on the car after it is applied?
A. The material is about 99.5% clear. On any color darker than stark white, you can’t see the film.
On a stark white car, you can see that .5% of color, but it is “invisible” at a short distance.

Q. How long will it last? When will I have to replace the kit?
A. SolarGard product is warranted for 5 years.

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